We run lean and mean at the core. Utilizing a virtual agency model we custom build teams to fit our clients' needs so you get the best people for the job without the overhead of a big-box agency.



  • Founder, BRAND SHERPA

Equal parts brand whisper, creative problem solver, and business coach, Bryan specializes in helping business owners and thought leaders to live their purpose and create a more meaningful connection with their audience. 

Bryan designed and guides an "inside-out" process that efficiently and effectively takes clients from idea to launch.


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His foundation was built in the Ad world where he thrived for 15 years as Creative Director working on integrated campaigns for fortune 100 companies including Johnson & Johnson, Marriott, Pepsi, Major League Baseball to name a few. Bryan spent a portion of his career living life on the ’lance with a love for the intensity and variety that freelancing offered working at dozens of boutiques, digital shops, and big box agencies.

While working inside diverse agencies, it became clear that the existing model was begging for innovation. In 2011 he founded The Humans, a conscious brand consulting agency. Bryan designed a unique virtual agency model that allows for custom tailored teams to meet the project's needs by sourcing top talent from a diverse network.
This ensures that client gets the best people for the job and that the creatives are passionate and connected to the work.

As a New Yorker with a peripatetic penchant, community and natural organizational systems are a passion of Bryan's. This led him to co-found United Purpose, a diverse community of high caliber leaders. Designing and curating 50+ events since 2013, UP has held private tours of Christies, reverse panel evenings with NASA astronauts and a Zen Buddhist priestess. Needless to say it is Bryan's drive and creative vision that is his essence.





Natalie is a highly motivated, results-driven marketing leader who brings 15yrs of agency experience to the table. Specializing in CPG and food products her experience goes well beyond. Natalie has served clients such as Pepsi Co, Ferrera Candy Company, Danone, JPMorgan Chase Pay, Tata Beverage Group, VW, Starbucks, and Uniqlo.


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She is an award winning marketing leader who consistently builds world-class campaigns, develops her people, and designs marketing solutions that impact the bottom line.

Product & Brand Launch Development | Strategic Planning & Implementation | Advertising & Product Promotions | Shopper and Customer Marketing | Building Agency Culture | Sports Marketing | Account Management & Growth | Vendor & Partner Relationships | Photoshoot Planning |



Margo Aaron

  • Director of Strategy

Margo lives to close the gap between information and the people it can help.
After several years working as a strategic planner at various marketing agencies she decided that while serving fancy Fortune 500 companies was fun, her real passion is serving entrepreneurs.

Margo has helped dozens of business grow in sales and impact by more effectively communicating with their target market.  


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She holds a masters degree in psychology from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in literature from Emory University. She began her career in research and academia, working in psychology at Emory University’s School of Medicine. There she discovered the large chasm between research and its subsequent application.




  • Director of Experience, Strategic Consultant

Navah's specialization is in luxury, eCommerce, innovation, and trend forecasting. Vintaging from an early age led her to pursue finding treasures as a profession.

Since 2008 she has consulted on projects ranging from Fashion IPO's to brand development. Her expertise is based on 10+ years of buying for luxury retailers: Barneys New York, ABC Carpet & Home and NYC digital startup 


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Finding treasures and curating meaningful stories is innate to her being and continues to drive her passion today. Navah is an intuitive leader, with a natural gift for bringing out the best in those around her.

An adventurer at heart, Navah challenges herself to grow in many ways, from climbing Africa's highest peak, to studying vinyasa yoga, and astrology.